Scrum Level synthesizes the knowledge and professional experienced collected through their careers by the members and collaborators of the Scrum Manager® community, and it's freely shared as a reference framework for the assessment and improvement of agile management.  

It's a guide to help improve agility in companies, both from a technical standpoint and in the organization as a whole.

It contains in a structured format the knowledge developed on Scrum Manager's training platform, and the methods used by professionals in their work at real consulting projects. The ideas of the project are free to be diffused and used, as well as open to collaborations.  

Diffusion and knowledge

  • Access to documents and open training courses (1)

Use for evaluation and improvement

  • On one's own team or organization. 
  • Providing advice to companies or organizations as an independent consultant or as a certified evaluator.


  • Through the development of specific protocols.  


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(1) Available at

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