Where can I request professional Scrum Level consultancy services to improve agile management in my organization? 

For these services, you can reach out for professional consultants proficient in Scrum Level's model. 

On this directory, you'll find the contact details of certified Scrum Manager consultants. 


Where can I ask for an official certificate of my organization's agility level? 

To conduct an evaluation that officially certifies the agility level of your company, please contact a certified evaluator.


Where can I learn Scrum Level?

The technical documentation of the model is openly available at on the Scrum Level Guide, to serve as reference material for consultants focused on agile management. Training materials are also available online at the course on Scrum Manager's e-learning platform and through the certification exam available at Scrum Manager's examination centres.


I'm a professional consultant, can I offer my services using this model? 

Yes. Scrum Level's model and materials are developed under a free use license (Creative Commons By). They can be freely used on professional improvement and evaluation activities, with or without commercial purposes. 


What are the requirements to become a certified consultant? 

To pass the certification exam, available at any of Scrum Manager's examination centres.


What are the requirements to become a certified evaluator? 

Proficiency in Scrum Level and verifiable professional experience, in either one of these ways: 

  • Certified Scrum Level consultant and a minimum experience of three conducted evaluations, either independently or as an assistant evaluator.
  • Certified Scrum Level consultant, and minimum professional experience as a consultant for three years.


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